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Revanesse® is a dermal filler brand that believes beauty belongs to everyone and that everyone should have the confidence to express it in their own way. It allows individuals to enhance their natural features and feel beautiful inside and out.

The photoshoot below is part of a Holiday campaign, in which three creative territories were presented to client, as shown on the moodboard below. The territory chosen focuses on expressions and close-crops, showing that every expression and face is beautiful and unique in its own way. In addition, there was also a product-focused photoshoot, using the same light and aesthetics as the model photoshoot, to keep consistency throughout the campaign.

The final assets were used on Revanesse’s social media.

Creative Director: Jessica Luch
Associate Creative Director: Jaimie Hallarn
Design: Nicolle Arzua
Copywriting: Laura Bell
Photographer: Matthew Chen and Pablo Zubiria
Agency: AntiSocial / Thinkingbox
Client: Revanesse


Instagram in-feed post (photo not treated)
Instagram stories (photo not treated)

Instagram in-feed post - carousel (photo not treated)
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